Multilingual website and rebrand training

Devhaus were asked to create an application to help a large agency to train their staff on the companies new brand and guildlines as well as develop a multilingual website.


The client was a global digital agency who had expanded their regional presense in all major territories in the world.


The requirement was build a website to train their 5000+ employees on the new brand guidelines and company ethos.

The goal was to design a web application that would inform, test and measure employee engagement with the new brand guidelines and company ethos.

Multilingual Training wirefram


After discussions and idea generation meetings with the client, the solution was to create an application that would engage employees through a series of tutorials on the brand and ethos. They would then complete a series of online games to test their knowledge about what they had learned. Badges were awarded to employees based on their results. The company would track employee engagement with the tutorials and completion of games.

Working with the client we designed and developed 20+ games based on multiple choice questions, ordering keyworks, picture sliders, and other puzzles.

These were built into an application that was only accessible by company employees. They signed up to the application and were brought through the tutorials and games. Reporting tools allowed the stakeholders to monitor employee engagement.

Multilingual Training design


During the build process of the brand awareness application, the client asked us to build the company website. This was required to be a multilingual website comprising of 11 languages with hundreds of pages in each language detailing the companies offerings.

We worked closely with the design and content teams to create the site. Through our experience of building multilingual sites we designed a process for the client to engage with multiple translation teams to deliver translations for each of the languages for the website.

The website had to load quickly in each country in the world. We designed a content delivery framework to achieve this and integrated with multiple content delivery networks globally. During this process we discovered for the Chinese market a local provider was required. We created a solution to build the site using a local Chinese content delivery network. To operate on this network various licenses had to be obtained through the local government. We worked with the local client team on the ground to obtain the necessary licenses.

Multilingual Training flags


During the website and brand awareness build, the client asked us to develop 2 blog websites for different entities within the agency. These were single language sites and required a unique look and feel designed within the brand guidelines.

News Sites

Late in the development process a new requirement emerged to design and develop a news site to allow the company to post news stories. A standalone website was designed and built within brand guidelines.

Job Board

The client used third party job board software to advertise vacancies throughout the company globally. The client required us to using the software’s templating platform design and develop a template to ensure their job board was on brand.


From initial contact to go live we had a 4 month build window to deliver all of the above applications.

All the sites launched on time and the client achieved all their goals with the brand awareness site and subsequent websites. We continued to support the sites for a further two years until the management of the sites was taken back in house.